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Reduce Alberta Corporate Income Tax Rates (Co-Sponsor)

Reduce Alberta Corporate Income Tax Rates (Co-Sponsor)

Finance & Taxation - Provincial Policy

Sponsor: Sherwood Park
Co-Sponsor: Medicine Hat


Since corporate income tax represents a very large percentage of pre-tax income, decisionmakers are highly sensitive to corporate income tax rates. It is in Alberta’s best interests to reduce and keep corporate income taxes low to attract business to Alberta and retain them in our province. 


Corporations seeking to expand or relocate examine many factors; often the projected “after-tax” return on investment is one of the primary considerations. Since corporate income tax represents a very large percentage of pre-tax income, decision-makers are highly sensitive to corporate income tax rates. 

Corporations have learned to be internationally mobile to gain both marketing and financial advantages, including tax advantages. It is well proven around the world that creating a low corporate tax environment attracts investment in capital, growth in trade and commerce, as well as the relocation of corporate head offices and wealthy/high-income individuals.

Corporate Tax Rates by Year

Rate in 2005Rate in 2015*Rate in 2016Rate in 2022
M & P11.5%11.0%12.0%10.0%
Small Business3.0%2.0%2.0%2.0%

*Rate changed from 10% to 12% and Small Business 3% to 2% effective July 1, 2015

Within Canada, there are now three provinces with lower tax rates for small businesses than Alberta. 

The fact is that many potential investors and corporations looking at new business investment or expansion in Alberta have chosen not to invest nor locate here due to our high-tax regime (both provincial and federal); there are low-tax/no-tax alternative jurisdictions within other parts of Canada, the United States and elsewhere. We have seen examples of this happening with large oil and gas companies which considered building plants in Alberta then chose to build in other parts of Canada or the United States. 

Alberta will get more attention from potential business investors when the general and small business corporate tax rates are lower and when the opportunity to enhance after-tax return on their investment is greater. 


The Alberta Chambers of Commerce recommends the Government of Alberta:

  1. Ensure that the Alberta small business and general corporate tax rate applicable to Canadian controlled private corporations does not exceed the lowest tax rate in other Canadian provinces or territories. 

Approved: May 2019
Renewed: May 2022

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