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T.R.A.D. Worm Industries Ltd.

T.R.A.D. Worm Industries Ltd.


Cypress County Home & Garden Manufacturing & Production Environmental Services Greenhouse


Roxanne Doerksen discovered the benefits of worm castings when she was looking for a natural and organic project to do with her kids. Roxanne grew up a farm girl and has a strong connection with the land. Protecting the land by keeping compostable refuse out of landfill was a 'no-brainer' for her. The added advantage of providing growers with high quality soil amendment was the added benefit that made Roxanne take the plunge to create T.R.A.D. Worm Industries. The truth is, vermicast products are not just mulch or top dressing. They provide valuable nutrients in a form that your plants need without any effort required to transform those nutrients in to a form the plants can use. That is why we call it Superfood!

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