Cypress College


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Cypress College is a Business Career College based in Medicine Hat, Alberta with an additional campus in Brooks. We offer diploma programs in Administrative Technologies, Computer Technologies, Business Management, Marketing & Communications, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts Certification. We are locally owned and operated and have served Southern Alberta since 2002. 

At Cypress College, our highest priority is student satisfaction and career success. Our team is dedicated to supporting and assisting you, from funding acquisition through to graduation and job placement. 

We make every effortto support the career and personal development of our students. Our accomodating curriculum, teaching methods and personal service sets us apart from other teaching facilities. Our highest priority is enabling students to best take advantage of their educational opportunities. 

Cypress College encourages students to rejoice in discovery and in critical thought; to pursue excellence in a spirit of productive cooperaation; and to assume responsibility for the potential of personal actions. 

Our hands-on education process responds to diverse community need in a rapidly changing society. We are committed to enhancing the skill, knowledge and values of life-long learners in achieving thier goals. 

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