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Redcliff Kinesiology

Redcliff Kinesiology


Saamis Heights Home Based Health Care Chiropractors & Physical Therapy Holistic Health Counselling


Our Vision: We improve the health & well being of our clients empowering them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Moving them out of a place of pain and suffering to a place of happiness, joy, health, wellness and abundance for life.

Optimize your Body, Optimize your Health! Change your Life, from the Inside Out! Practical Kinesiology finds the root cause and fixes it, rather than simply chasing the symptom. The adjustments are ‘hands-on treatments’ utilizing correction techniques to restore and reset your body to maintain optimal health. Nutrition Consultations are customized specifically to the individual needs of each and every client to help them maintain an ideal Nutrition plan specific to their individual health & wellness goals. Stop chasing symptoms...Fix the root cause! ''Wes has & is a gift!!! I am grateful to have had him help release the sciatica pain I had.'' – Carol Lynn Thomas (Certified Yoga Instructor / Health and Wellness Consultant) ''Magic Is Believing In Yourself. If You Can Do That, You Can Make Anything Happen.'' – John Wolfgang von Goethe • Personal Development Coaching utilizes a wide-array of techniques from Personality Assessments, Psychology, Neuro-Linquistic Programming, Confidence Building Affirmations, and much more!’ • Professional/Corporate Health & Wellness Development Health & wellness programs are designed to help Corporations, Businesses, and Non-Profits achieve their corporate health & wellness goals. Through customized programs companies can create a culture focused around health and wellness. I-heart assessments (aortic stiffness) are also available for clients seeking to track and improve their internal age!

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